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Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH) Heritage Trail is an augmented reality mobile app that aims to solve our client’s problem. Our client faces an issue where their history heritage trail is too dry and heavy content. Especially for children and young adults that has short attention spans. Hence, with this app, users are able to learn the history of KWSH in a more fun and engaging way rather than just reading plain text.‚Äč

This app requires users to travel indoor and outdoor around KWSH. Their objective is to find for AR markers in the form of logo / artefact. There are other feature such as storylines, mini games, quizzes and a scoreboard system. Additionally, users are able to compete against their friends using the scoreboard system as well.

KWSH Trail

Kufuku Studio
Game Development using Unity, Game Design, UI, 3D Modeling, Game FX, UX, Augmented Reality Mobile App


For indoor mode, the story is being told through a 2D graphic. Hence, after reading the story, players will be given silhouettes of 9 artefacts. Then, they will have to search for those artefacts based on the silhouettes (or the shape of it). Afterwards, when they have found the artefact, they will have to answer quizzes relating to the artefacts. There will also be mini-games for them to beat their peers. This is achievable by gaining the highest possible score by answering the questions correctly. However, the maximum point they can gain out of the mini games is only 150. For every artefact found, players will unlock a new chapter of storyline. This is where they will learn more about the history of KWSH through a fictional dialogue.

As for the outdoor mode, the story is being told through 3D AR. There will be a total of 7 logos for the players to collect. In order to collect the logos, players will be given a riddles / clues about the location of a particular trail AR markers. Then, they will need to scan it for the 3D storyline to appear. The storyline involves fictional dialogue and through them, it tells a story of how the redevelopment plan of KWSH has gone missing. Thus, the successor of KWSH (which is the player) will be tasked to find it. In other words, the story will revolves around the user’s journey to fulfill the task. Similarly to indoor mode, outdoor mode will also have mini-games for them to beat their peers.

At the end of each chapter for both mode, they will earn an artefact and logo respectively. All these will be shown on the collection page.


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