KinderSign strive to make learning sign language easy yet interactive for deaf children and hearing children who may have deaf parents. The app utilises Augmented Reality (AR) technology to capture the attention of the children.

KinderSign is created with the ultimate aim of bridging the communication gap that exist between

  • deaf children and their hearing parents / deaf parents
  • hearing children and their deaf parents
  • deaf children and their hearing peers

KinderSign is an Interactive Mobile Application which uses Augmented Reality (AR) to teach Singapore Sign Language (SGSL in short) to children & beginner SGSL learners.

All one needs to do is to scan KinderSign’s flashcard using our app and an augmentation will appear on the app

Afterwhich, the user can tap on the object on the screen and a video will play afterwards, showing a video on how to finger spell and sign that particular word / phrase.

KinderSign is the first application of its kind using AR technology together with flashcards to teach sign language in Singapore. This app has already been developed and it is in its’ testing stage.


Yosei Labs

What We Did

Unity Development, Mobile Development, Augmented Reality Development, User Experience, UI Design, 3D Modeling

The Future

As KinderSign progresses, we hope to be able to encourage hearing children to pick up sign language as well through our KinderSign platform. We believe that by teaching hearing children how to sign, we can make Singapore a more inclusive society – enabling hearing people to communicate with the deaf even without having the need to speak. Through this app, they will also learn that there can be a voice without spoken words.

Above that, KinderSign serves as a platform for children to improve their command of English as it teaches them to spell and pronounce (for hearing children) at the same time through the video illustration.