Lucent is a game developed by Ternion Studio. It is a first person, dungeon crawling, hack-and- slash game. You travel into the past and is trapped in an unknown dimension. To get back to your world, you have to collect pieces of relics from the dungeons. Confront the dungeon’s creatures and scavange for weapons. 

Enjoy various combat style, from the quick double-wielding, to the slow but powerful swing. Pick your best weapon and upgrade it in the Sanctuary. Arm yourself to the best state, for every visit to the dungeon, would be a different experience.




Tenrion Studio

What We Did

Game Development using Unity, Game Design, Game Level Design, 3D Modeling, Game FX, UX

Monsters Dungeon

Scavange for Weapons,

Fight Your Way Through.

Carefully planned game levels with laid out traps and stories, for the adventurer in you.