Re:Store is a 3D first-person game that combines tower-defense and first-person shooter elements. The game takes place inside a computer and you, the player, are tasked with protecting theĀ Motherboard from viruses and bugs that have infected the system.

Waves of viruses will swarm in from the corrupted portal and it is up to Alice to restore the computer to its uninfected state, by destroying the viruses with her trusty gun and turrets before they completely infect the Motherboard.

Play tower defense like never before! Defend, Attack, Create towers. Prevent the viruses and bugs from creating havoc.

You are Alice. With just one aim, Re:Store the Motherboard to its former glory.





What We Did

Game Programming using Unity, 3D Modelling, Game FX, Audio Engineering, Game Level Design

Defend, Attack, Protect.

Re:Store The Motherboard

And All These In Time.

Think you are a champion tower defense person?
Think again. When there’s a neverending onslaught of enemies, and don’t forget this is in 3D!