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Crash Studios’ Takeover: In Review

By July 26, 2020 No Comments

We have come to the end of our takeover! This week has been fruitful and fun for us, and we hope you feel the same. It was a totally new experience but we enjoyed every moment of it. Our team members will be sharing about their takeover experience in the following paragraphs!



Due to the covid-19 situation, we’ve all gotten to experience a new facet of conducting classes. To be honest, I quite like studying from home as I don’t have to spend at least 2 hours travelling to and fro. Without the need to travel, I get to have longer rests, allowing me to have a better attention span during lessons. Also I don’t have to spend money on transport and food, which I can use for online Shopping ?.

I also quite like studying at home as I get to use my desktop which is way better than a tiny laptop. Equipped with dual screens, I can tune in to the lecture on one monitor while taking notes or completing work on the other. This gives me greatest flexibility and efficiency in doing work.

Though I tend to get distracted from time to time, or rather most of the time, I still manage to get through my work and submit it on time. Though there are some classes that really cannot be held online… from which I will refrain from naming for certain reasons. Those taking the same lesson will agree.?

Since our takeover was scheduled during the 1 week break from school, we had sufficient time to plan for our posts that were excogitated to go live throughout the week. It was quite a fun experience doing the copywriting and captions for some of the posts.

Moving forward, I will be attempting to complete certain assignments as soon as possible ( I really hope so)  so I get more time to work on assignments that require greater time to complete.

Wish me luck friends!?

No really… please wish me luck. I need it.?


Swee Hern

This was an eye opening experience for the all 3 of us, the covid situation was a first, we had no clue what we needed to do when the semester started, we had to study and learn from home and to be honest, I’m like that we do not need to take the time to travel to school and back home, however my concentration span when studying at home is very bad and I’d rather study in school so that I can be in my “work” mode.

The takeover was a different experience and was our first to work as a group to come up with different ideas to post and take over daily, we were lucky since This week was a special break week and that we had more time to prepare for the daily post. I finally know what it takes to be a social media manager.

Overall, I felt that it was tiring to undertake the takeover as our team is not usually active on social media, hence we had to take the time to get on different hours and be active to respond to our audiences. This experience will however be very beneficial and advantageous to us in the near future.



This takeover was an eye opening experience for me personally, I didn’t realise how much work had to be done just for the daily posts! Thankfully our roles were clearly defined and everyone did their part, not to mention that our takeover was held during a break so we had more time to plan and produce the materials.

Overall, I felt that it was a great experience and one that will definitely be beneficial to us in the future.

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