As our Takeover comes to a close, Project J2K would like to extend our gratitude for keeping up with our posts and constantly engaging with us through the week!

We are grateful to be given the opportunity by @amphibistudios to share with you our knowledge of multiple topics that represent our skillset.

Here are some of our thoughts about this week.


During the days leading up to this week, I was extremely worried about the workload that I had coming up this week. 


When I went to list out my tasks for the week, I realized that, in total, I had like 6 things to complete. I had to update my portfolio, do my action figure for 3DP Assignment 2, Research and prepare a presentation for my Effective Negotiation Assignment 3, prepare more assets for CPD playtesting, and create a video resume. Everything in addition to managing this Takeover. All in 1 week!!! 🙁 In all, I think I did like 80-90% of the Takeover content but ya so my week was honestly very busy, I stayed up for like 4 days out of the 7 and got like 3 hours of sleep a day at most. I was exhausted out of my mind every day. So, I really appreciate all of the positive comments and support from the community. 🙂

Personally, I like working from home. Although, I would easily get distracted by a whole bunch of random things. I would be able to chiong and finish my work if deadlines were near and I had a sudden drive to complete work. Covid-19 really put a damper on this semester, I really wanted to be working in the studio. Our teamwork would have been much better if we could work together in person.

We would also be more onz and on par with all the work given to us. 

I have been struggling with time management and finding any enjoyment in working now. My daily routine has been the same for 3 months and any ‘break’ we have is still work. So basically we have been working every day without stopping and I am tired.


Initially, my expectations coming into this semester before covid19 was that I wouldn’t have to wake up earlier to travel to school which would allow me to be able to get more rest but halfway through I realized that home-based learning is not for me because my working environment is way too comfortable.

In the beginning, I was doing alright but as time goes on I struggled more as I was getting too used to the comfort. Making my time productive was the biggest struggle throughout this semester because it was really hard to focus at home.


The hardest thing I had to deal with this semester was and still is the lack of motivation despite feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that had to be done. Year 3 has been a tough year but we are almost halfway through it, hopefully, with all the pressure I would be able to find the motivation to push through and deliver everything on time. 

It was even harder to get back on track after the 2 weeks term break but we managed to pull through thanks to joey’s efforts on our takeover posts.

Moving forward, I would be focusing more on the coding aspects of our game and implementing the UI designs. 



Before COVID-19, I thought I would struggle massively trying to keep up with school as I felt I wouldn’t be able to focus during lessons at home since there are countless distractions present around my environment.

Initially, I started off poorly during the first few weeks however, as weeks passed, I managed to get a grip and steadily improved my work ethic and submitted my work on time. So far, I find it can either be a boon or bane although personally, I find it to be more positive than negative. I cut down on travel time which normally accounts for at least 2 whole hours traveling to school and back home. Additionally, I get more time to rest and rise from bed later than usual, which provides me more energy to last throughout the day and be productive. 

However, the most significant impact negatively would be the delayed response times which hindered my ability to work multiple times as I’m unable to communicate directly with my peers and tutors. Now that we’re in the second part of the semester after a break, I’ve been finding it difficult to get back into my stride once again though it will gradually improve again as it did back in the first part of the semester.

Throughout the semester, I severely lacked the motivation to sit for lessons and to complete my tutorials at all. However, I managed to find some things to relieve me of my stress and severe lack of motivation. The biggest joy for me was listening to music no matter what I’m doing, whether it be during lessons, working on assignments, or during my free time. It managed to alleviate some of my stress, especially during the last few weeks of the 3.1 where it was so hectic.

Coming into this week, I expected it to be tough due to assignments and the Studio Takeover. I was extremely distracted throughout the week due to other personal commitments and was hesitant about how our group would fare for the Studio Takeover. I would like to give a special mention to Joey for working especially hard throughout this week and his efforts can be seen through the quality of the posts that we’ve put out. However, now that we’re at the end of the week, I’m pleasantly surprised by the huge amount of support provided by everyone as I didn’t expect much of a response and I’m grateful to all of them for making our lives just a bit easier throughout the week.


Whats our plan moving forward? 

Project J2K will return to working on our game, Champion of Hygeia for our Final Year Project. If you still want to follow us and show your support for our game, you can still find us @projectj2k on Instagram! 


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Until next time,

This has been Project J2K, Signing out. 


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