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Slime Stickers!

By June 23, 2020 No Comments

Welcome back! To kick off the content for the week, we’re giving back to Amphibistudio by releasing cute stickers! 


Made for Telegram and Whatsapp, we made these stickers as a form of advertising and marketing, but mainly to spread laughter and joy for those that use them.

Everyone uses stickers or at least has seen stickers in their chats right? So what other better way to spread to cuteness and laughter through the deep broad network of social media?

If you like these stickers and want to get them for Telegram or Whatsapp, you can do so by going to our Amphibistudio Linktree!


We got really attached to the character design that we made over the course of this project, and thus we wanted to make a sticker pack that could display all the small silly emotions that we would feel through a day, and also how our slime would react to our shenanigans if he were real and around us in person.

We actually made a few skits in our previous Takeover which showed our slime hanging out with our team members, and we think it’s pretty cute! (Do check them out here!)


Future Plans

Moving on into future plans for this sticker pack, we’re considering adding new faces and emotes of our slime through the course of the project, to further expand and bring more joy and laughter. So if you the reader has suggestions or sticker ideas you’d like to see, do let us know through @amphibistudio or @jeccstudio on Instagram, and we might just add it in!



We’re also looking at Instagram stickers, which would open our cute slime up to many more viewers, but the process is quite a long one, starting with getting verified on GIPHY, and it proceeds down a very long rabbit hole. We’re not sure if we’ll be able to accomplish that but it would certainly be great, so we’ll definitely try our best!


Other than that, we’ve got our educational posts coming up next! Stay safe, stay hydrated and we’ll see you next time again!


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