Hello fellow readers, this is a blog post compiled by a group of current Y3 students doing their capstone project in ICT. They are from CLISS Studios, a group of students who are keen in making better public spaces for human interaction. A formidable group with a unique blend of IMGD and A3DA students in one.

For more information about this studio, feel free to follow their Instagram @clissstudio or even their own developed website, thankfully supported by amphibistudios for the time being (20 May 2020)!

Today, we asked all the members of CLISS Studios to tell us of their memorable time that they’ve had during the years they have been in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and in the School of InfoComm Technology. Well here’s what they had to say…

Well, I like to draw and design, I think the fondest memory I have is when I was in modules that involved art and design. I can’t say I had bad memories in the time in school. Modules like anatomy drawing, character design, prop and environment design. I enjoy drawing a lot, so these modules were really enriching, and I get to do the things I love. It feels like the level of happiness is the same when it comes to going to school every day since I get to go to a place where it lets me explore and learn the things I like.

group presentation in class

One of our group presentations in class

Last year, the people in my course got to go to USA for their field trip during the school break, I guess that could be a very fun memory if I had gone but it was okay though, I get to do the things that I wanted during that time and enjoy my break!

Group Beach Selfie

Summer break with my classmates

Another memory that I remembered was the time I was involved in World Robot Olympia and CCA Open house, I was supposed to create banners and graphic posters for the event. It was kind of a rush and a lot of things to pick out and change, and 1 of the person  that was supposed to help out create posters for the other team participating the competition had said that she got some urgent thing to do and did her work half way which I had to take over.

It sounds like I had a challenging time as I had to stay up all night, but the end product was satisfying , I feel accomplished and the teacher was happy with the work, so I think it was a good time.

All in all, I joined the course because I like what I get to do it in the course, so I wouldn’t complain, I loved every moment of it!

PolyFintech Festival with classmates 2019


Cosplay Festival with friends and classmates 2019

Lin Jie
A3DA AY 18/19

My favourite memory in school was our lessons involving 3D modelling. The classes were tough and personally, I had some foundation on 3D modelling before this, yet the class was still challenging. Halfway during one of the lessons, I started hearing some laughter from behind me in class, and when I turned around, it was my friend.

Apparently there were some rigging issues with his 3D character because when he started making animations with his character, it got deformed. The deformity of the model was so unexplainable that it made me laugh non-stop. After a good laugh with my friend, we started to brainstorm on how we could fix it, but in the end no one could figure out why and how, and so we went to ask the lecturer for help. All in all, the lesson was quite hilarious and memorable for me.

IM Photoshoot before the real Photoshoot 2019 #formal

Another favourite memory of mine in school was the time where my class was tasked to take graduation photos of our seniors. After setting up before the first photoshoot session, we came up with an idea and decided to use this extra time to take an unofficial mini class photo. Everyone had fun and we did a few photos and poses. I think that the photos really held some memory and I know will have fun looking back at these photos in the future (even though I looked ridiculous in the photos HAHAHA).

IM Photoshoot before the real Photoshoot 2019 #informal

The only thing I would like to do before my time ends here in this school is that I hope to get to know everyone in my course, besides my class. It was many moments like these that made me realize that while most of the time we are busy rushing for assignments and clearing deadlines, we should always treasure every moment, laugh at the face of adversity and make the best out of our days in school too!

IM Photoshoot before the real Photoshoot 2019 #funpose

Choong Seng
IMGD AY 18/19

IMGD was my first choice because I wanted to learn both design and programming and Ngee Ann Polytechnic was one of the few schools that offered it. I was actually hesitant in putting IMGD first previously as I actually studied IT in ITE where I learned programming and this course was covering a bit of what I’ve already learnt there, though it did gave me some comfort to know that I will be able to adapt well for this course so I decided to join it because I really did want to learn more about design.

When I first joined the school we had to go through a compulsory orientation. I was actually quite excited as I heard from friends that poly orientations were really fun and I was glad that the orientation we had for my batch was fun and interesting.

ICT CSOP 2018 Team Vanguards

So far my favourite memory of ICT would be the beach bonding activity we had at the early stages of school. It was organized by our ICT seniors form society and it was an unofficial event without teachers and initiated by our very own seniors. I was really thankful that our seniors really took their time off of their busy school schedules to come up with this plan after our orientation and I really enjoyed every minute of it.


ICT CSOP Post Orientation hangout 2018

Although it started raining on the day itself  and delayed things for us, we still had fun playing frisbee and mingling that day. We also talk to our seniors about school stuff and got to understand how life was being in ICT. All in all, I do not regret my choice of choosing IMGD as I learn a lot of new skills and knowledge throughout the course.

Sow Ying
IMGD AY 18/19
My favourite memory in school would be the times I’ve went out to have lunch together with my friends and the times my classmates and I would take random selfies or pictures during our class breaks.

There were many moments in school where my friends and I would struggle trying to understand the lessons being taught, especially when it comes to programming lessons(Sorry Mr. Malcolm :P) , and even design lessons such as 3D modelling because our computers were either crashing or just lagging behind the rest. Despite all these hardships we faced, these were the most memorable moments that I’ve had because despite it all, we were able to put on a smile and carry on and adapting to every situation.

One of the more challenging assignments my classmates and I had to work on was to create a reflective talk show video using sock puppets, we literally spent the entire day till 10pm in school just creating the props. Filming ourselves as the puppets was way harder. After this segment, I actually had a new profound respect for puppet masters and those who are involved in this kind of filming method. We spent long hours hiding ourselves under the bench whilst making sure our sock puppets were “talking” in sync to the audio record that we have, and as well as maintain our sock puppet’s image within the camera frame for the entire time.

FCP (Class Module) Assignment 2019

Besides the programming lessons, I’ve enjoyed myself getting exposed to different events that was related to our course, such as the Polyfintech Festival and DesignUp Conference in Asia in 2019. I got to actually see what our industry was like in person and to be frank, it was a very eye-opening experience and I am glad that I got to do this with my friends in class together haha


Besides the struggles, I really enjoyed my time during our social media branding (SMB) lessons and digital, video and audio (DVA) lessons as I get to mingle with my classmates more to finish up our class tasks. One fond memory I had was the time that I got to visit the green room in Studio 27 with my classmates for lesson.

DVA (Class Module) Behind the Scenes 2019 #Beforeshooting

We had to film a “live show” talk with the green screen backdrop and I got to act as the TV host for the film and I enjoyed every minute of it. From understanding the light positioning, commands from director and the ground floor’s duties between the recording room and the main stage, it really gave me a small glimpse to how our shows and films are made today and not forgetting how I got to know everyone even more during this exercise as we all had to work together as a team for this lesson.

DVA (Class Module) Behind the Scenes 2019 #Aftershooting

Another reason why I remembered this  lesson so well was because I remembered messing up a few times while I was in the middle of being filmed and I had to keep a straight face and act like I did not make any mistake (but everyone knew I did). I had to do 5 retakes to get it right. To my classmates who are reading this now, I just want to say thank you for being patient with me ? and for making it a fond memory for me.

IMGD AY 18/19


Well that is all from CLISS Studios! It seems like they are making the most out of their busy days in school. How about you? What were some of your favourite memories back when you were a student? Feel free to share with us and as always, take care and remember to enjoy and appreciate your days and your life!

Best wishes from the team!:)

CLISS Studios!


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